In a Jar…

What happens when a quick spirited, glitter edged, wounded rockstar Zeb Ra falls onto the watery path of a man called Bishop, who’s ordained by a vengeful Joan of Arc and is the self-professed Second Coming? Both crave a sacrifice to reach fulfilment, one through prophesy, the other through the heart- but will blood have to be drawn to find their own deliverance?

‘In a Jar’ is a current day fable exploring themes of identity, queerness, personal and social struggle and otherness. It is an interdisciplinary performance combining elements of song, poetry, electronic sound, dance, live drawing and groundbreaking costume design.

This performance is a new collaboration between performers/creators Andra Simons and Guy Harries, motivated by their interest in developing alter egos as a vehicle to explore their unexpressed fantasies as well as the darker sides of their personal and socio-political concerns. Through the medium of dialogue, these alter egos confront some serious demons…

As well as ‘In a Jar’, Guy and Andra will each present some of their individual work, as well as taking part in a Q & A session to discuss the project and the motivations behind its creation.

This project is part supported by Wise Thought’s ‘Trans/ Queer Creative conversations’ development initiative.

Many thanks to Wisethoughts and Rich Mix for their support with developing this project

In a Jar will premier at The Place theatre Bedford, December 1st, 7.30pm. Tickets £5


Concept, text, music – Andra Simons and Guy Harries

Dance, choreography – Dorit Schwartz

Video projection – Joao Trindade

Costume design – Nicko Straniero


Andra Simons – Bishop

Guy Harries – Zeb Ra

Dorit Schwartz – Isla

Promo photo: Joao Trindade

Many thanks to Wisethoughts and Rich Mix for their support with developing this project

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