Bed Pop Arts Post: 4/8/14

Today was the second day of rehearsals for The Reverse is Also True. We also had lots of press interest with photo shoots, phone interviews and a potential promotional video with the Times & Citizen. The work is progressing well with lots of discussion and development occurring throughout the day. With the funding from Arts Council comes an opportunity for us to develop the work with Stephen, and as such we will be hosting a Q & A session after the performance.

Remember this Friday is the scratch performance at 7.30pm at number 47, The High Street. Its a pay what you want performance and your feedback is very welcome! We also have been working on the performance space for the rest of our residency. A shop wouldn’t be complete without a shop window so it only seemed right that we decorate ours.

Keep a look out for the other events in the residency. Tomorrow we will have finalised the programme as we have had to make some last minute edits. Sam Turton – Artistic Director

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