Bed Pop Arts Post: 11/8/14


So the dust has settled on The Reverse is Also True. The piece was a fantastic opportunity for us as a company to get our teeth into a work from its very conception for the first time. We  are currently at the feedback stage but are also putting together a small video of the evening and the feedback session.

We have so many people to thank though for The Reverse is Also True! First a huge thank you to both Stimpson Eves and Erica Roffe for all their help getting this crazy idea of ours off the ground! A big thanks goes out to the actors from the piece, Phil and Harri Mardlin of LifeBox theatre as well as Simon Jackson. Thank you to Stephen May for trusting us to start the ball rolling with this wonderful piece of work! Hopefully this is the start of a long and very creative relationship!

Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to every single person who has come along to the Bed Pop Arts Centre and got involved in the project so far! The audience were brilliant on friday night, your feedback is invaluable and will help us no end.

Now lets get moving on the next projects!

Sam Turton – Artistic Director

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