Fantastic Mr Fox Post – 1

Welcome to the first Fantastic Mr Fox blog post!

Preparation for the show is well underway and we had our first rehearsal last sunday. We have already blocked the whole show and are beginning to put together the main design elements for the project.

Keep an eye out for a couple of extra campaigns we have running alongside the project. First, we are looking to raise funds for the show through Kickstarter. Donations will get you many different rewards ranging from social media shout outs and signed programmes right through to merchandise such as mugs and framed prints of Mr Fox. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet the cast and come along to the rehearsal process.

Secondly, we are running lots of fun events alongside the project. Full details of these will be released in the next couple of days but the events will run from the 25th-31st of October.

To keep up to date with the project why not follow the Mr Fox twitter handle at FantasticFoxNT or for more information on the show email us at

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