Current projects: The Yeti (Dec 2017)


Novus bring you an exciting adventure as we follow two climbers on their most dangerous mission yet to save the daughter of the chief of the most distant mountain village. The villagers say that a creature from the mountain has taken her. Join our climbers as they unlock the secrets of the mountain! Novus will take you on a daring climb using a combination of digital technology and puppetry.

The show will run for 8 performances between the 21st and 24th of December (11am and 2pm) lasting between 45-55 minutes. Tickets cost £10 with concessions at £8.50 and are available at The Place Website.

The 2pm performance on Sat 23 Dec will be ‘relaxed’. It is open to everyone and will be particularly suitable for children on the autistic spectrum or anyone who would benefit from having the house lights up a little, the sound levels down a little and being able to come and go during the performance if they need to. A familiarisation visit beforehand can be arranged by appointment.

You can find out all about the preparations for the show by following us on twitter for more updates at @NovusTheatreNT.

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